The DENR Foreign Assisted Projects (FAPs) Portfolio is composed of programs and projects that are partly or wholly funded by Official Development Assistance (ODA) and other foreign funding facilities, on the basis of a loan or grant agreement, or similar contracts/instruments entered into by the Government of the Philippines (GOP) with governments or agencies of foreign countries (bilateral), and international or multilateral funding institutions. The ODA Act of 1996 provides that ODA loans and grants must be administered with the objective of promoting sustainable social and economic development and welfare of the Philippines. The DENR FAPs Portfolio is therefore anchored on achieving the goals and objectives of the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP) for 2004-2010, particularly the thrusts of the ENR Sector or Chapter 3 of the MTPDP which are as follows:

Thrust No. 1: Sustainable and more productive utilization of natural resources to promote investments and entrepreneurship

  • Maximize physical planning as a development tool for greate and sustainedjob creation;
  • Create climate conducive for investments and production;
  • Develop more forestlands that are denuded or no longer suitable for protection forest;
  • Promote investments in permanent production forest areas;
  • Initiate the development and sustainable utilization of biodiversity resources;
  • Delineation of areas for protection, exploration and utilization through the survey and mapping of maritime zones with particular emphasis on expediting delineation of municipal waters in coastal arm with offshore islands;

Thrust No. 2: Promote responsible mining that adheres to the principles of sustainable development: economic growth, environmentaI protection and social equity

  • Launch a major program to revive the mining industry;
  • Pursue and assist in the development of 18-23 large scale mining projects;
  • Resolve the issues involving mining accidents in abandoned and idle mine areas;
  • Develop incentive schemes to anmct international and local investors in Mt. Diwalwal.

Thrust No. 3: Strengthen the protection of vulnerable and ecologically fragile areas, especially watersheds and areas where biodiversity is highly threatened

  • Rehabilitate and strengthen protection of critical watersheds;
  • Expand coverage and strengthen protection of coastal and marine ecosystem;
  • Delineate 6.3 million hectares of biodiversity resources nationwide for protection;
  • Develop Protected Areas into viable management areas.

Thrust No. 4: Create healthier environment for the population

  • Improve air quality in major urban centers and reduce air pollution (total suspended particulate or TSP) in Metro Manila by 90% to bring air quality within acceptable standards andsustain standard TSP Ievel(90ug/Ncm) in other urban centers;
  • Adopt the Integrated Water Resources Management Approach;
  • Improve management of solid waste especially in Metro Manila by fully implementing the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act (RA9003);
  • Establish management system and facilities fbr tovic and hazardous wastes;
  • Total phase-out of ozone depleting substances (ODS) consumption nationwide.

Thrust No. 5: Mitigate the adverse impacts of landslides and flooding and prevent loss of lives and properties

  • Complete the geohazard mapping of the remaining 13 regions;
  • Conduct soil stability measures for landslide vulnerable areas;
  • Ensure integration of disaster preparedness and management strategy in the development planning process;
  • Provide adequate flood control and drainage facilities in all flood/sediment-prone areas.

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