The DENR Foreign Assisted Projects (FAPs) Portfolio consists of programs and projects that are partly or wholly funded by Official Development Assistance (ODA) and other foreign funding facilities, on the basis of a loan or grant agreement, or similar contracts/instruments entered into by the Government of the Philippines (GOP) with governments or agencies of foreign countries (bilateral), and international or multilateral funding institutions.

The ODA Act of 1996 provides that ODA loans and grants must be administered with the objective of promoting sustainable social and economic development and welfare of the Philippines. The DENR FAPs Portfolio is therefore anchored on achieving the goals and objectives of the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP) for 2004-2010, particularly the thrusts of the ENR Sector or the Green Philippines Program of the MTPDP.

In line with the Green Philippines Program, the DENR has set the following thrusts for 2008:

A. Poverty Reduction and Hunger Mitigation
The main contributing programs for this thrust are the Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) Program (including agro-forestry development), Coastal Resource Management Program (CRMP) and the Land Disposition Program for agricultural, residential, school sites and industrial purposes.

B. Socio-Economic Development
This is being supported through the promotion of responsible mining as well as CBFM and CRMP that will protect the environment and benefit host communities.

C. Biodiversity Conservation
Biodiversity Conservation is being promoted through protected area demarcation, ecotourism development, species protection, and wildlife law enforcement and wetlands monitoring.

D. Address Climate Change through Mitigation and Adaptation Measures

The DENR undertakes this by (1) planting 40 million seedlings over 36,000 hectares of denuded/degraded areas; (2) improving air quality through intensified law enforcement and monitoring; (3) cleaning of waterways, especially Pasig River; (4) cleaning of Laguna de Bay; (5) accelerating geo-hazard mapping of priority municipalities; (6) determining the carrying capacity of highly critical areas; (7) conduct of vulnerability assessment on climate change impact and effective rehabilitation technology for degraded ecosystems; and (8) delineating the country's Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) to determine Philippine sovereign authority or jurisdiction for exploration and exploitation.

Official Development Assistance, through soft loans, grant funds, and technical assistance, has greatly helped the DENR in pursuing its thrusts and priority programs.
This report presents an overview of the DENRODA Portfolio in terms of accomplishing its targets for 2008 as well as its contribution towards achieving the DENR thrusts and priority programs in 2008.

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