Portfolio Profile
The DENR Foreign Assisted Projects (FAPs) Portfolio in 20t2 consisted of 38 projects, with an aggregate cost of US$435.31 Million or approximately PhP19.75 Billion. This reflects an 8% increase over the 2011 portfolio. About 68% of the total Portfolio cost or US$297.51 Million represents five (5) loan projects, while 32% or US$137.80 Million corresponds to the aggregate cost of thirty three (33) grant projects. In terms of subsector allocation, the Forestry sub-sector received the biggest share of the portfolio cost at 34% followed by the Coastal/Marine sub-sector at 75%, and Biodiversity conservation at 13%.

Contribution to Sectoral/DENR Priorities
Foreign-assisted projects (FAPs) contributed significantly towards the application of the ecosystems approach and other innovative means to attaining sustainable development. The ecosystems approach aims at promoting conservation and management practices that are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable, and ensuring intergeneration benefits. This is consistent with the Philippine Development Plan of 2011-2016, particularly Chapter 10 which adopts the integrated and community-based ecosystem approach as a means towards achieving an environment that is healthy, ecologically balanced, sustainably productive, and climate change resilient, for the present and future generations of Filipinos.

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