The DENR FAPs Portfolio in 2013 consisted of 40 projects with an aggregate cost of US$654.02 million or approximately PhP29 billion. About 69% of the total portfolio cost or US$451.64 million represents six (6) loan projects, while 31% or US$202.37 million corresponds to the aggregate cost of 34 grant projects.

Compared with the 2012 portfolio, the size of the 2013 portfolio of US$654.02 is 50% higher than 2012’s US$435.32. This is mainly attributed to the newly approved ADB loan for the Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project (INREMP) which brought in an additional US$120 million in loan proceeds.

The sources of loan funds are the Asian Development Bank (ADB) which finances 2 projects (41%), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) which finances one project (31%), the World Bank (WB) which finances 2 projects (20%), and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Germany’s KfWa which finance one project each and contributing 6% and 2%, respectively, of the total loan portfolio.

The main contributors of grant assistance are the Global Environment Facilityb or GEF (47%), the German Federal Government through BMUc , GIZd and KfW (20%), USAID (15%), and AusAID (11%). Portions of the grant assistance from GEF, AusAID and KfW serve as grant components for the loan projects. Other sources of grants are ADB, FAO, NZAP, UNDP, UNIDO, KOICA, Japan, and Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol.

The US$654.02 Million portfolio is allocated as follows: 46% or US$ 300.16 million for forestry/upland development, 17% or US$110.18 million for coastal/marine resources management, 8% or US$51.24 million for environmental quality improvement, 8% or US$53.57 million for protected area/biodiversity conservation, 6% or
US$35.09 million for land management, and 3% or US$21.6 million for climate change focused projects. About 12% or US$80.39 million of the portfolio supports multi-sectoral and cross-cutting concerns which include the budget support for DENR’s flagship programs and piloting of integrated ecosystems management (IEM) in selected
watersheds. An amount of US$1.75 million or 0.27% supports project preparation activities.

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