Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Manual

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has established the EMS Manual based on ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental management systems-requirement with guidance for use - as a structured and systematic tool to deliver its mandate to protect the environment and natural resources of the Philippines.

This EMS Manual describes the principles, practices and procedures, which shall be developed and maintained by the Department to demonstrate its moral ascendancy to the Department's interested parties. This EMS Manual shall become the guiding principle to establish, implement, maintain and continually improve its performance in managing its environmental aspects and compliance obligations; controlling its risks of threats and opportunities; and satisfying the needs and expectations of interested parties.

Download EMS Manual (PDF, 0.98 MB)


Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Objectives

Pursuant to Special Order No. 2015-844 dated August 14, 2015, the EMS Program Teams conducted a Writeshop on August 17-18, 2015 to formulate the EMS Objectives based on identified significant aspects and impacts.

The team has formulated the EMS Objectives and targets to address/mitigate the identified significant aspects.

Download EMS Objectives (PDF, 2.02 MB)


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