Busuanga, Palawan - In celebration of the International Day of Forests on March 5-9, 2016, a reconnaissance visit to the proposed protected forest and watershed of Barangay Cheey and Bogtong in Busuanga, Palawan was conducted by the Community Centered Conservation (C3) - Philippines, Barangay Council and community organization members. The exploratory visit was supported by GIZ’s Protected Area Management (PAME) Project.

pame protecting busuanga forest water buidiversityProtecting Busuanga’s biologically diverse forest is critically significant.The municipality has about 15,000 hectares of forest cover (excluding mangrove forest) representing 33% of its total land area. It consists of secondary growth forest (31%), primary forest (2%) and an insignificant limestone forest. High species richness, evenness, dominance and diversity indices can be observed, with habitat types such as brushland-forest, brushland-bamboo thicket, brushland-ricefield, and agroforest–bamboo thicket.

PAME works closely with the local government of Busuanga, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region IV, the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, and its partner proponent C3, to enhance the management of forest protected area and increase biodiversity conservation initiatives in the region.

PAME and C3 both believe that conservation efforts are achievable by building the capacity of local individuals and institutions through grass-roots research and through provision of trainings to bridge information gaps in managing the protected areas. #

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