giz bike hike plantGIZ-Philippines staff gathered at their booth.In celebration of the 153rd anniversary of the Philippine Forestry Service and Arbor Day, the GIZ Climate Program (REDD+, SupportCCC II, and ForClim II) participated in the “Bike. Hike. Plant.” event organized by the Forest Management Bureau (FMB) and National Bicycle Organization on June 25, 2016. The event began from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Quezon City all the way to the Upper Marikina River Basin and Protected Landscape.

The 30-kilometer route started with volunteer cyclists from at least 50 different corporate, government, media and private bike groups carrying seedlings to be planted by volunteer hikers.

The “Bike. Hike. Plant.” event aimed to highlight how the management and utilization of the Philippine forests have developed through the past one and a half century by way of the community-based collective action of foresters, environmental managers, environmental activists and champions. It was also designed to widen the network of forestry champions to include bikers and hikers in rehabilitating and protecting our forests through the promotion of responsible tourism and proactive reforestation. #


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