The Philippines – often dubbed the “Pearl of the Orient” – is generously gifted with natural resources and biological diversity, enough for many Filipinos to rely on for their livelihoods. It is also humbled by its lack of financial resources, as well as its vulnerability to natural disasters – but the GEF extended its hand and helped the Philippines with its responsibilities at home. Indeed the GEF has been serving since 1992 as a protective and nurturing shell to the natural resources pearl that is the Philippines.

A total of 106 programs and projects were approved from 1992 to 2016 of which 52 were national projects and 54 regional ones. Of these, forty-three approved projects with a total GEF financial support of US$ 374.333 million are on-going and sixty-one were already completed with a total GEF financial support of US$ 327.717 million. This GEF support to the country has leveraged a total co-financing of USD$ 4.651 Billion.

The GEF financed-projects being implemented across the country have significantly contributed not just to conserving and protecting the environment but to empowering and improving the lives of Filipinos through capacity building activities and providing proper sustainable livelihoods. The GEF makes possible the protection of biologically-diverse areas in the country through establishing and strengthening the management of at least 50 protected areas and key biodiversity areas, including the Samar Island Natural Park, the Tubbataha Protected Seascape, the Malampaya Sound Protected Landscape and Seascape, and the Quirino Protected Landscapes. The GEF has also been instrumental in the documentation and recognition of at least seven Indigenous Community Conserved Areas.... Click here for the full story.


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