pwp unified action to combat wildlife trafficking 600pxParticipants discuss recent trends in illegal wildlife trade.

In time for the Philippine Environment Month, government agencies, law enforcement units, and environmental organizations committed to align all efforts to stamp out illegal wildlife trade in the Philippines during a public forum on combating wildlife trafficking hosted by USAID, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and Conservation International.

At the forum, presenters from the DENR, Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, Conservation International, and TRAFFIC (a wildlife trade monitoring network) discussed recent trends in illicit trade across international borders, particularly on ivory and pangolin, as well as the Philippines’ location as a Southeast Asian transit hub for illegal trade routes. Initiatives and partnerships between governments and among different organizations to counteract illegal wildlife trade were also presented by the DENR, the United States Embassy and Protect Wildlife project.

The forum also became a venue for the different partners of USAID and DENR to agree on future actions and opportunities to collaborate better in boosting the country’s wildlife law enforcement and anti-wildlife trafficking efforts. (PWP/ Lawrence San Diego)


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