pwp pangolin study 600pxExperts from Conservation International-Cambodia trains the Philippine pangolin research team

The team behind the USAID-backed study on the Philippine pangolin (Manis culionensis) prepared for their research on the field through a training on camera trapping techniques conducted by experts from Conservation International-Cambodia.

Camera traps are essential tools for documenting the presence, abundance, and population changes of wildlife species, particularly those under threat by poaching and habitat loss like the Philippine pangolin. Through actual field exercises, the research team, as well as training participants from Palawan universities and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, learned how to select the best locations for camera traps and how to properly install them. Camera traps were left in the field overnight and were retrieved the following day to retrieve and analyze the data.

The ongoing research study is a collaboration among USAID, Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, Palawan State University, Western Philippines University, Katala Foundation, and Conservation International to help fill the gap in knowledge needed to properly manage the remaining population of the Philippine pangolin that is endemic to Palawan. (PWP/ Lawrence San Diego)


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