pwp usaid rare train conservation campaigners 600pxC4C participants perform a campaign song for the Batak community in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

To support the expansion of the Protect Wildlife project into more areas in Palawan, USAID and Rare once again brought to the province the Campaigning for Conservation (C4C) workshop—an intensive training on designing behavior change communication campaigns for environmental conservation.

More than 20 participants from the city government of Puerto Princesa, field units of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Palawan State University and local NGOs worked together during the ten-day workshop to apply what they learned in behavior change theory, social marketing research, and campaign messaging and design. At the workshop, the trainees developed a campaign to address poaching of timber from forests inside Cleopatra’s Needle Critical Habitat north of Puerto Princesa City. The model campaign aims to encourage indigenous Batak communities in Cleopatra’s Needle to switch to sustainable ecotourism jobs that will support conservation of the city’s newly declared critical habitat.

Toward the end of the workshop, the C4C trainees produced a suite of campaign materials, including a puppet show, a billboard and a campaign song, which they presented to Batak community members, as well as to officials of Puerto Princesa City Environment and Natural Resources Office who would adopt the campaign as part of their conservation efforts for Cleopatra’s Needle. (Protect Wildlife)


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