afoco database management monitoring system training 600pxMembers of the Babali Farmers Marketing Cooperative in Region 11 try out the computer provided.

The ASEAN-ROK Forest Cooperation (AFoCo) Regional Community Forest Management (CFM) Planning Project entitled Facilitating the Participatory Planning of CBFM Using Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) Technologies in Forest Resources Management in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand recently conducted a capability-building activity in Regions 1, 5, and 11 from October to November 2018.

The Database Management and Monitoring System Training was held to capacitate the DENR officers and staff and POs involved in the implementation of the AFoCo Regional CFM Planning Project to use an already developed database management system. The system follows the format of the Community Resource Management Framework (CRMF), a key document used by POs in the management, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of their areas for development.

Part of the assistance package for POs included a desktop computer and geotagging device.

Mr. Rollie Osayan, Database Management Specialist, guided the participants in the proper operation and maintenance of the computer unit and geotagging device. He also showed them the way to navigate properly through the database management system. Once familiarized, the participants were asked to encode sample data from their printed CRMF.

During the training, the new DENR GeoCamera Application was used. Unlike the common open-source geotagging mobile applications, the new application has more security features, making it hard to tamper. For instance, to authenticate the photos captured through the GeoCamera, the QR Camera Scanner is used to scan the QR code imprinted on the geotagged photos. The QR code allows anyone to identify easily when and where the photos were taken.

According to Osayan, this geotagging mobile application was developed to reduce the widespread malpractice of altering the results of monitoring and evaluation activities. The DENR officers and staff welcomed this development since the application offers convenience and encourages participation among the POs who by themselves can also perform geotagging activities.

Forester Norlito Sarmiento, manager of the project, called for full participation of project implementers to accomplish their remaining targets as the project nears completion in 2019, aside from the preparation required for the upcoming external audit, which will assess the performance of the project implementers in achieving the project’s deliverables. (FMB/ Paolo Balderia)


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