pwp train new batch of experts on wildlife identification 600pxTraining participants were taught how to set up a mist net for capturing and documenting species of bats.

Selected personnel from the Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) and regional offices of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) participated in a two-week specialized training to develop and improve their expertise in identifying wild mammals.

The technical training, which was supported by the USAID Protect Wildlife project, covered everything from general and diagnostic features of common and threatened Philippine mammals, their habitats and threats, to processes that result in successful conservation. Updates on Philippine laws and regulations on wildlife protection, along with ongoing initiatives and development in wildlife enforcement, were also reviewed.

Using specimens caught during a field exercise at Makiling Rainforest Park, the participants honed their skills in properly recording mammals in the wild, as well as in interpreting data. Proper handling of species brought to the wildlife center and preserving specimens for display and further study were also demonstrated. During field tours at Avilon Zoo and the National Museum of Natural History, the participants were given an exercise to identify threatened mammals.

Through this type of training, the project could help ensure that field offices are equipped with qualified personnel who could issue certifications that properly identify confiscated wildlife thereby improve regulatory and enforcement functions of the DENR in the regions and provinces. (Protect Wildlife Project)


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