pwp assistance for conservation research 600pxDeputy Director of USAID Philippines Environment Office Paul Seong presents USAID’s programming for biodiversity conservation

At the 27th Annual Philippine Biodiversity Symposium held in Pampanga, USAID Philippines formally announced its funding assistance for graduate students pursuing conservation research in the Philippines. Deputy Director Paul Seong of USAID Philippines Environment Office and Sustainable Landscapes Specialist Randy Vinluan made the announcement during their presentation of USAID’s biodiversity conservation programming in the Philippines to more than 200 symposium participants composed of conservationists, researchers, faculty and students from universities and NGOs across the country.

USAID, through the Protect Wildlife project, invites graduate students to pitch their approved thesis and dissertation proposals that focus on conserving threatened species and habitats and combating wildlife trafficking, particularly in Protect Wildlife sites. This initiative of the project is aimed at intensifying conservation research in the country. Successful proponents can avail of funding worth as much as US$5,500 to help implement their research projects.

The project also sponsored a workshop during the symposium to introduce the project’s holistic and integrated approach to conservation, and to encourage interested proponents and faculty to pursue purposive research, development and extension programs on biodiversity conservation in their respective universities. (Protect Wildlife Project)


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