pwp bird of prey docu 600pxThe team behind Bird of Prey and officials from the Philippine Eagle Foundation answer questions from the audience

The USAID’s Protect Wildlife project partnered with the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) to host the national premiere of Bird of Prey, an ultra-high-definition (ultra-HD) wildlife documentary on the iconic Philippine eagle.

Produced by Cornell Lab of Ornithology, together with Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Neil Rettig and PEF, Bird of Prey follows a Philippine eagle family in the wild over the course of five months, documenting how a pair of eagles take care of their young until it learns to fly off the nest and fend for itself. The film also explores the complexities of protecting the Philippine eagle – a critically endangered species – and the means to save it from extinction.

The project supported the special screenings of the documentary in the University of the Philippines in Diliman and in several venues in Manila and Makati for national government officials, conservation partners, and the public. In the coming months, the project will host more screenings in cities across the country, particularly in regions where there are identified forest habitats of the Philippine eagle. (PWP/ Lawrence San Diego)


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