pwp amnp updates management plan 600pxParticipants discuss zoning and land uses inside AMNP

The Aurora Memorial National Park (AMNP), a 5,676-hectare protected area within the Sierra Madre mountain range between the provinces of Nueva Ecija and Aurora, is an expansion site of the USAID Protect Wildlife project in Central Luzon. Aside from its historical importance, AMNP provides water supply to communities inside the national park and the adjoining lowland communities. It is also a habitat of the endangered Philippine eagle.

To help reduce threats to biodiversity, wildlife habitats and species in AMNP, a training-workshop was held in Baler, Aurora in which 25 participants from the AMNP Technical Working Group (TWG) and the AMNP Protected Area Management Office gathered to prepare an updated management plan for the national park.

The Protect Wildlife team provided technical assistance and guided the participants in comparing the current zoning of AMNP with the results of field validation of policy-designated land uses. To ensure that land and resource uses in the protected area were consistent with laws and conservation policies, they reviewed the zoning regime, discussed adjustment of zones, and determined allowed and disallowed land and resource uses. TWG recommendations were also presented and signed.

“After the workshop, I gained more knowledge in protecting the environment. Everyone involved in AMNP now has stronger coordination, and this will benefit our community. We can craft our own plan, which we, ourselves, will implement,” said Clarito Gallardo, local government officer from Nueva Ecija. (PWP/ Meg Yandoc)


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