pwp mantalingahan ready forest restoration 600pxFarmers receiving durian seedlings in southern Palawan

To help protect the biodiversity and promote conservation of Mount Mantalingahan Protected Landscape in southern Palawan, the USAID Protect Wildlife project has assisted five municipalities encompassing the protected area in developing their respective forest land use plans. With the completion of the said forest land use plans, investing in forest restoration can now be pursued through assisted natural regeneration, fuelwood lot, and agroforestry development that is consistent with the management zoning of the protected landscape to meet the increasing need for food, fiber and timber.

Setting the restoration process in motion, the project is piloting conservation agriculture and agroforestry practices within the multiple use zones in Mount Mantalingahan and within production areas to assist upland communities, indigenous peoples, and occupants of adjoining forestlands. In the first week of October 2019, the project team and partners distributed 20,190 durian seedlings for intercropping home gardens with fruit trees to 700 households residing in the five municipalities covering the protected landscape.

Previously, the project had conducted a training workshop on seedling acceptance sampling that was attended by staff members of the local government units (LGUs), the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD), and the project’s procurement team. This was followed by a training course on conservation-based agroforestry, mixed and diversified perennial cropping systems and agriculture in which appropriate techniques for site preparation, planting, management, and maintenance of major agroforestry species, fruit trees and cash crops were taught. (Protect Wildlife Project)


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