The cloud symbol has been used for a long time to represent the internet in computer network diagrams. No wonder the term cloud computing is just a fancy metaphor for computing infrastructure and services dynamically shared through the internet to achieve coherence and economies of scale.

Taking advantage of this modern technological business model, the Informatix Incorporated, a spatial information software and solutions provider headquartered in Japan, recently launched in the Philippines the GeoCloud©, a cloud-based IT solution that deals specifically with geographic information. Among those invited, which included several national and local government agencies, was the DENR-FASPS.

fasps ape geocloudMs. Alma P. Estrada, Logistics Specialist, who represented DENR-FASPS in the event, received one-on-one instruction on the use of GeoCloud Mapmaker from an Informatix Inc. representative.

GeoCloud© has functionality and interface not unlike those found in common desktop GIS and Microsoft tabbed toolbars (ribbon), which makes transition from existing system should one decide to easy.

At present inquiries about their products and services can be coursed through the Philippine National IT Standards (PhilNITS) Foundation or through their Sales Department. #

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