inremp world environmental day cleanup 600pxDENR personnel cleans surroundings of debris and litters

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Region 10 initiated a cleanup activity in observance of the World Environment Day on June 5, 2020 to raise awareness among communities of the need to save and protect the environment from different environmental challenges.

Regional Executive Director Arleigh J. Adorable had earlier asked all regional office employees to participate in the massive cleanup, which lasted for two hours.

Among those who heeded the clarion call was the Regional Project Coordination Office (RPCO) of the Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project in Lake Lanao River Basin (LLRB) and Bukidnon Upper River Basin (BURB), led by Dario P. Barbarona, INREMP Regional Focal Person.

With COVID-19 pandemic starting to ravage places beyond the metropolis, DENR employees had to observe physical or social distancing and wear personal protective gear to ensure health safety.

Adorable encouraged DENR personnel to maintain cleanliness and order in their respective workplaces. (INREMP/ Ivy Gayle Lozada)


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