pemsea phl report sds 2012 2016Philippines Country Report on the Implementation of Sustainable Development Stragegy 2012 to 2016Sustainable development of coastal and marine resources can be achieved through regional cooperation and continued collaboration. Recognizing the benefits of working together, 12 states in the East Asian region including the Philippines adopted the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA) as a framework in addressing marine governance issues in the region through specific strategies and action programs.

The Government of the Philippines through the DENR has been an active participant in supporting the vision and implementation of the SDS-SEA, considering the broad range of initiatives being undertaken by various organizations and entities involved in coastal and ocean governance in the country.

The facilitation and documentation of these various activities is part of the Department’s commitment toward the achievement of the shared vision for the sustainable development and management of our country’s coastal and marine environment. Thus, a country report is being prepared every three (3) years to update the progress and achievements of the Philippines in implementing the SDS-SEA.

The “Philippines Country Report on the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy 2012 to 2016” was accomplished through the Foreign-Assisted and Special Projects Service (FASPS), in collaboration with other DENR offices/bureaus (i.e. BMB & FMB), and various organizations to integrate initiatives and best practices at the national and local level.

Collaborative consultations and activities conducted are a key factor in the integration of the Philippines’ experience and accomplishments in coastal and ocean governance and on-the-ground management programs, as well as presenting new approaches, innovative technologies, and best practices that may be helpful in addressing some of the persistent and emerging challenges in coastal resources management. #

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