The GIZ-SSME Project is set to launch and release a comprehensive and analytical review paper on Ocean Governance Initiatives in the East Asian Seas—Lessons and Recommendations that will hopefully contribute to a deeper understanding of regional ocean governance initiatives, their governance mechanisms and operating frameworks in the East Asian Seas.

ssme review paper ocean governanceAuthor of the paper and GIZ-SSME Consultant Dr. Alan T. White, 
Senior Scientist -Asia Pacific ProgramThis comprehensive review has been achieved through a review of selected ocean governance initiatives and identification of good practices, key success factors, common concerns or issues, and emerging solutions and lessons learned on addressing trans-boundary issues. Mechanisms for the review included compiling and analysing the most current literature, conducting interviews with key project/program personnel in meetings and through correspondence.

An initial draft of the review was presented during the East Asian Seas Congress in Danang, Vietnam (November 17-19, 2015) at the Coastal and Ocean Governance in the Seas of East Asia: from Nation to Region Workshop. The presentations and perspectives shared by various practitioners have also contributed substantially to this review paper.

The final version of the analytical review paper is expected to be released in mid-2016 as part of GIZ’s commitment to its partners on knowledge sharing, documenting and dissemination lessons learned to foster exchange of experiences in the region. The SSME Project is committed to sharing and distributing this analytical review to a wider audience of the East Asian Seas. #

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