The Integrated Natural Resources Management Project (INREMP) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) conducted a Social Safeguards Orientation in and a Field Visit to the Upper Chico River Basin on January 25-29, 2016.

inremp social safeguards interviewInterview with the President of Mabisil, Insigidan, Tibungaen, Sadsad Organization (MITSO)ADB’s Syarifah Aman-Wooster, Principal Social Development Specialist; Marco Liedel, Natural Resources Specialist; and Karen Chua, Associate Project Officer were joined by INREMP staff from the National Project Coordinating Office (NPCO), Regional Project Coordinating Office (RPCO) and Provincial Project Management Office (PPMO).

The objectives of the review were to inform and brief all stakeholders in the Upper Chico River Basin on ADB safeguards requirements for subproject proposal and to check whether the proposal prepared met ADB safeguards requirements. The team visited ENR (environment and natural resources) subprojects areas in Mt. Province and had a brief discussion with the Indigenous/Peoples’ Organizations (IPOs/POs) and local government units (LGUs) on the implementation of INREMP particularly on the ENR subprojects for ADB to understand the implementation and the challenges and to see what support they could give to the project.

The mission enabled the ADB representatives to see the pros and cons of the stringent documents required by the ADB in the issuance of No Objection Letter (NOL) especially those which concerned the IPs in securing certification for National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP). At the moment, the RPCO in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) coordinated with Regional NCIP for the issuance of the certificate.

The result of this review would be used as a guide to customize the safeguard requirements for INREMP with the end in view of facilitating and shortening the process of issuance of NOL for the first-of-its-kind subproject proposal of CAR and other regions concerned. #

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