A foreign-assisted project, sometimes referred to as Official Development Assistance (ODA) project, is a project partly or wholly funded from foreign sources either through soft loans or grants (financial or in-kind), or a combination thereof, on the basis of a loan or grant agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, Note Verbale, or similar contracts/ instruments entered into by the Government of the Philippines (GOP) with a foreign financing or donor institution or country.

An Official Development Assistance (ODA) refers to foreign-aid coming from official sources (such as government agencies and instrumentalities) and primarily intended to promote the economic and social development of recipient countries.

  • Loans: carries terms such as long maturities & interest rates (improve definition, refer to NEDA); and
  • Grants: these are types of assistance that do not have to be repaid and usually comes in the form of technical assistance such as advisory services, capacity building or pre-investment studies.

Multilateral Funding Agencies

Bilateral Agencies

 Each of the funding agencies has its own priorities and requirements. Please refer to the list of donor agencies to visit their websites.

The following may propose or implement special projects:

  • Units or Offices in the Central Office, including Bureaus and attached Agencies of DENR;
  • Units or Offices at the DENR Regional/Provincial/Community office;
  • Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) duly accredited by DENR, private institutions/organizations, Local Government Units, and Academic institutions.

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