pwp development rescued wildlife database system pushed 600px 1A wildlife keeper at PWRCC tests the WILDBase mobile app

USAID, through its Protect Wildlife project, is working hand in hand with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in developing WILDBase, a centralized online database for systematic recording and monitoring of rescued wildlife. This is part of USAID’s assistance to the DENR in strengthening its enforcement efforts under the Wildlife Law Enforcement Action Plan (WildLEAP)—the Philippine’s roadmap for a strengthened, sustained and well-coordinated program for enforcing wildlife laws.

Once rolled out completely in 2021, WILDBase will have helped DENR-established rescue centers transition from a paper-based to a digital system. It will be used by 25 regional centers across the Philippines to manage efficiently their records of confiscated and rescued wildlife.

With WILDBase, the DENR can keep track of status, medical records, inventory and information about the wildlife in the care of these regional centers. WILDBase features a cloud-based system where centralized information is stored, making it convenient for rescue center staff and DENR executives to gather and use data for their operations, decision-making and policy reforms.

WILDBase works in tandem with a mobile app designed to be used by wildlife keepers for offline data gathering, recording and documenting wildlife in their assigned rescue centers. These features were conceived from workshops and beta-testing participated by DENR personnel and staff and wildlife keepers of the National Wildlife Rescue and Research Center (NWRRC) and Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center (PWRCC).

Selected NWRRC and PWRCC staff underwent a training of trainers to learn how to operate WILDBase. A pool of trainers will be created for the roll-out and deployment of WILDBase in all DENR wildlife rescue centers by mid-2021. (PWP/ May Anne Ramos)


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