pwp social marketing campaign pwrcc 600px 1A signage providing information about rescued wildlife temporarily housed inside the facility

The Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center (PWRCC) partnered with USAID to integrate biodiversity conservation messaging into its new signages and information materials within the park. Through its Protect Wildlife project, USAID picked up the tab for the production of communication materials it created with PWRCC—a research and rescue center for wildlife found in Palawan, such as bearcats, Philippine cockatoos, and Philippine crocodiles. The campaign materials, which include signages installed within and around PWRCC, provide behavioral prompts for visitors on how to engage properly with rescued wildlife. Additional signages at various locations of the park were also designed to convey the threats of illegal trade to wildlife, to issue behavior reminders to report wildlife crimes, and to highlight the benefits people reap when wildlife is kept wild and alive.

pwp social marketing campaign pwrcc 600px 2Messages are creatively designed to bring positive changes in knowledge of and attitudes toward wildlife

PWRCC staff contributed to the design and production of the campaign materials, thanks in part to the skills they had learned from workshop on behavior change theories and social marketing techniques of Protect Wildlife’s Campaigning for Conservation program. Protect Wildlife worked closely with PWRCC to execute messaging and creative strategies, and to design pre- and post-surveys for visitors to gauge their experience and potential changes in knowledge and attitudes.

USAID also supported PWRCC through the development of WILDBase—a centralized online database management system for recording and monitoring of rescued wildlife in DENR-established rescue centers. PWRCC will be one of the major users of this tech innovation. (PWP/ May Anne Ramos)


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