The Foreign-Assisted and Special Projects Service (FASPS) shall oversee, coordinate and facilitate the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the department's foreign assisted and special projects. It shall perform the following tasks:

  • Identify,  prepare and promote investment project and program proposals for possible foreign and local assistance in coordination with other DENR operating units, appropriate government agencies, including  national, regional and international organizations/institutions;
  • Prepare a development framework plan, guidelines and strategies for the Department; prioritize programs and/or projects requiring foreign and local assistance; coordinate and/or take the lead in the conduct of feasibility studies and appraisal of project proposals;
  • Represent the department and/or provide technical assistance in negotiations for foreign loans/ grant assistance and other forms of assistance for identified priority programs/projects;
  • Provide technical assistance and/or staff support in the design, preparation, and facilitation of the implementation and management of foreign assisted and special projects;
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress and performance of foreign assisted and special projects, in coordination with representatives of the international community and oversight government agencies;
  • Document and disseminate lessons learned, experiences gained, and technologies generated from projects; and perform other functions that may be assigned by higher authority.


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