DMO-2017-04: Foreign-Assisted and Special Projects Service (FASPS) Clearing House of all Project Proposals for Foreign Assistance and Special Funding

Pursuant to Executive Order No. 192 dated June 10, 1987, Memorandum Circular No. 16 from the Office of the President dated April 11, 2017, and in line with the Department's thrust to integrate and institutionalize foreign-assisted and special projects into its regular offices per DAO No. 97-19, and in consonance with DAO No. 98-17 and DAO 2014-03 (Manual of Authorities dated 26 March 2014), these guidelines are hereby reiterated for strict observance and compliance. The Foreign-Assisted and Special Projects Service (FASPS) shall serve as the clearing house of all project proposals for foreign assistance and special funding or technical assistance.
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