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National Biodiversity Planning to Support the Implementation of the 2011-2020 CBD Strategic Plan on Biodiversity in the Philippines

The project addresses the country’s need to continue to fulfill its obligations under the CBD, with particular focus on the Convention’s Article 6 and the CBD COP Decision X/2, covering the 2011-2020 CBD Strategic Plan on biodiversity in the Philippines.


National REDD+ Mechanism for Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Conservation of Biodiversity in the Philippines

The project places functional structures for facilitation of REDD+ activities in the Philippines at social, ecological and governance safeguards, and tested options for financing and benefit-sharing, based on clear regulations and definition of the roles …


National Risk Resiliency and Sustainability Program

The RRSP serves as a national framework program to improve the response to climate risks (even disaster risks) through better adapted and more resilient ecosystems, infrastructure and livelihoods in vulnerable areas across key Philippine landscapes.


New Conservation Areas in the Philippine Project

The project recognizes new conservation areas, such as those managed by IPs, local communities and local government units, as an opportunity to establish solid foundations for accelerated expansion of the terrestrial system in the Philippines, supported …

Results 1 - 4 of 4