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Ratification and Early Implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury in the Philippines

The project aims to facilitate the ratification and early implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury in the Philippines. The Minamata Convention is a global treaty to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury.


Reducing Environmental and Health Risks to Vulnerable Communities from Lead Contamination from Lead Paint and Recycling of Used Lead Acid Batteries (Regional)

The project is a part of the worldwide campaign to remove lead gasoline in nearly every country around the world. Lead is a threat to local populations in the proposed project countries and globally, particularly lead recovered from ULABs, which is comprised …


Removing Barriers to Invasive Species Management in Production and Protection Forest in Southeast Asia

The project aims to manage Southeast Asian forests and biodiversity sustainably by reducing negative environmental, economic and human consequences of Invasive Alien Species.

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