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New Conservation Areas in the Philippine Project

The project recognizes new conservation areas, such as those managed by IPs, local communities and local government units, as an opportunity to establish solid foundations for accelerated expansion of the terrestrial system in the Philippines, supported …


Partnership for Biodiversity Conservation: Mainstreaming in Local Agricultural Landscapes

The project will directly address fragmentation of landscapes, ensure that activities in the surrounding landscape conserve species assemblages, and maintain ecosystem functions by strengthening enabling policies at the national level, enhancing capacities …


Removing Barriers to Invasive Species Management in Production and Protection Forest in Southeast Asia

The project aims to manage Southeast Asian forests and biodiversity sustainably by reducing negative environmental, economic and human consequences of Invasive Alien Species.


Protected Areas Management Enhancement in the Philippines

The proposed action of the program aims to enhance the management of 60 existing Protected Areas (PAs), and establish at least 100 new terrestrial or marine PAs under different management regimes (nationally-designated or through local legislation) in …


Building Transformative Policy and Financing Frameworks to Increase Investment in Biodiversity Management

The project is expected to contribute to closing the global financing gap and conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity by assisting developing countries in identifying, assessing, combining and sequencing sources of biodiversity funding …


National Biodiversity Planning to Support the Implementation of the 2011-2020 CBD Strategic Plan on Biodiversity in the Philippines

The project addresses the country’s need to continue to fulfill its obligations under the CBD, with particular focus on the Convention’s Article 6 and the CBD COP Decision X/2, covering the 2011-2020 CBD Strategic Plan on biodiversity in the Philippines.


Fifth Operation Phase of the GEF Small Grants Program in the Philippines

This project aims to improve sustainability of protected areas through community-based activities by building effective models for community-driven governance of protected areas, mainstream biodiversity conservation and sustainable use in the management …


Strengthening Marine Protected Areas to Conserve the Marine Key Biodiversity Areas in the Philippines

The Strengthening Marine Protected Areas to Conserve Marine Key Biodiversity Areas in the Philippines (MKBA Project) was developed because of the desire of BMB, conservation NG0s, academe and research organizations to accelerate the establishment of MPAs …


Support to the Implementation of the Tri-National Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion Comprehensive Action Plan

The Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion (SSME) or Sulu-Sulawesi Seascape (SSS) is a Priority Seascape located in the Western lndo Pacific region at the apex of the Coral Triangle covering 1 million km' of marine and terrestrial areas in Indonesia (North Sulawesi …


Community-Based Forest and Mangrove Management Project in Panay and Negros

The CBFMMP is in line with Executive Order 263 declaring Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) as the national strategy to ensure sustainable development of the country’s forest resources. Adopting the CBFM approach, the project shall pioneer an …

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