#TitleImplementerCost (Php M)DurationRegionProvinceObjectivesOutputs
1Alien Species Crisis: Assessing the Ecological Impacts of Invasive Alien Species of Amphibians and Reptiles in the PhilippinesHerpWatch Pilipinas, Inc.2.00July 2018 - June 2020Ilocos, MIMAROPA, Western Visayas, DavaoIlocos Norte, Palawan, Aklan, Davao OrientalProvide in-depth and science-based information on the invasion biology and ecology of alien amphibians and reptiles in the Philippines to help guide the development of sound policies for the management of these biological invaders.Assessment Report on the Ecological Impacts of Invasive Alien Species of Amphibians and Reptiles in the Philippines; Draft policy recommendations on management of invasive alien herpetofauna; GIS database submitted for uploading to the BMB website; Training and information campaign materials
2Environmental, Socio-cultural and Economic Evaluation of Piper Aduncum (Buyo-buyo) in Allah Valley Protected Landscape, Mindanao School of Environmental Science and Management (SESAM) of the University of the Philippines in Los Banos (UPLB)1.96October 2018 - March 2020SOCCSKSARGENSouth Cotabato, Sultan KudaratQuantify the environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts of Piper aduncum through a participatory manner for sound management decision as regards this species. Assessment Report of the environmental (physical and biological), socio-cultural and economic impacts of P. aduncum at AVPL; Documentation Report and analysis on the current conventional practices in the management of P. aduncum at AVPL; Policy recommendations in the management and control of P. aduncum; and Report on the Economic Valuation of the Piper aduncum.
3Integrating Watershed Ecosystem Management (WEM) Approach in Landscape Planning in Nayom Watershed and its Major Tributaries: A Pilot Study for the Department of Environment and Natural ResourcesUniversity of the Philippines Los Baños Foundation Inc. (UPLBFI)2.0October 2019 - December 2020Central LuzonDevelop, field test, validate and improve upon a developed decision support system for integrating ecosystems services approach to planning and management of watershed based on a landscape approach across agro-ecological units.Guidebook regarding “How to Manual” on the use of the decision support system for DENR Landscape Planning Priorities; Draft policy recommendation on the use of decision support system for integrating the ES approach to landscape planning; Final Technical Report: Identification of DENR Landscape Planning Priorities, Screening and Prioritizing Ecosystem Services in Nayom Watershed, Ecosystem Services Mapping, Map Dataset on ecosystem services mapping.
4Economics, Policies and Institutions of Groundwater Use by Resorts in Los Baños and Calamba, Laguna, PhilippinesUniversity of the Philippines Los Baños Foundation Inc. (UPLBFI),University of the Philippines Los Banos - College of Forestry and Natural Resources - Institute of Renewable Natural Resources (UPLB-CFNR-IRNR)2.00October 2019 - March 2021CALABARZONLaguna - Los Baños, CalambaInvestigate the economics, policies and institutions relating to the use of groundwater from MMFR by resorts in Los Baños and Calamba City, with the end view of informing the water conservation policies of local government units, and to contribute to the sustainable management of the MMFR by the University of the Philippines Los Baños, as administrator and manager.Spatial distribution analysis of resorts in Los Baños and Calamba; Willingness-to-Pay (WTP) of tourists for the conservation of groundwater from Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve (MMFR); Externalities of resort-based tourism industry; Final report on the policies and institutions of groundwater governance; Policy recommendations for implementation of the willingness-to-pay (WTP) of tourists for water conservation practices of resorts and/or MMFR and reduction or mitigation of identified externalities of resort-based tourism industry; Policy brief relating to the use of groundwater from MMFR by resorts in Los Baños and Calamba City, with the end view of informing the water conservation policies of local government units, and to contribute to the sustainable management of the MMFR; Final Inventory Report of all resorts within Los Baños and Calamba, Laguna; Finalized GIS-based maps of all resorts within Los Baños and Calamba, Laguna.
5Beekeeping as Biodiversity-Friendly Community-Based Enterprise In Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary and Expansion AreasProtected Area Management Office of Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary2.00October 2019 - June 2021DavaoDavao Oriental: San Isidro, Governor Generoso, Mati CityPromote sustainable utilization of native bees in Mout Hamiguitan which can be reared/cultured for honey production, thereby providing an alternative livelihood for the local communities.Native beekeeping as BDFEs in Mt Hamiguitan established; Target beneficiaries trained on production, replication and managing bee colonies and processing of bee products; Production and marketing system of bee products established; Local policies which promoted BDFEs adopted by LGUs; Communication, Education and Public Awareness Campaign conducted.
6Research on Philippine Ironwoods for Genetic Conservation and Ecosystem RestorationUP College of Forestry and Natural Resources through the UPLBFI2.00 18 months[Nationwide][Nationwide]Conserve and restore the genetic resources of native ironwoods in the Philippines.Genetic resource maps/spatial distribution maps of Philippine ironwoods generated; Genotype profiles of natural Philippine ironwoods population generated; DNA barcodes for Philippine ironwoods deposited in the database; A policy brief or draft policy recommendation on the conservation of Philippine ironwoods.
7Assessment of the Coastal and Marine Initiatives in the PhilippinesPEMSEA2.0015 monthsAssess the level of implementation and effectiveness of various coastal and marine projects and programs that have been implemented in the Philippines in the past 10 years.List of approved projects to be covered by the assessment; Evaluation framework, indicators, and methodology; Summary report on field surveys and interviews at national and local level; Publication ready report on Assessment of Coastal and Marine Initiatives in the Philippines (2008 – 2018) which covers the proposed evaluation framework, indicators and methodology, including best practices and recommendations for improving future programming of ENR Projects.
8Parameters and Indicators for Measuring Successful Reforestation Projects In Luzon, PhilippinesUPLBFI2.00 12 monthsCAR, Cagayan Valley, Central Luzon, BicolDevelop standards and parameters for successful reforestation projects.Standards and Parameters for Successful Reforestation Projects; Framework to Measure the Performance of Reforestation Projects; Policy brief.
9Bamboo Resources Inventory and Mapping Using New-Generation Satellite Remote Sensing Data and Geospatial Techniques in the Province of Pangasinan, PhilippinesERDB2.0012 monthsIlocosPangasinanDetermine the field locations of the bamboo stands/clumps, identify the species and quantify the number of culms in the province; Investigate the relationship of satellite spectral, backscatter and DEM-derived site information with bamboo field data, and develop spatial distribution models of the bamboo resources of Pangasinan province and evaluate their accuracy; and Develop a novel bamboo resource inventory procedure that can deliver quick and reliable results that can be rolled out to DENR field units.Database containing information on location, maps/shapefiles of bamboo stands, species, and quantity of bamboo resources in Pangasinan; Scientific Report on bamboo resource inventory and mapping; Manual of Procedure for Geospatial-based bamboo resource inventory and mapping procedure; Policy brief/recommendations to support the bamboo industry and use of bamboo for environmental protection.
10Carrying Capacity Assessment of Sustainable Tourism in Panglao, Bohol and Siargao Island, Surigao del NorteERDB8.2912 monthsCentral Visayas, CaragaBohol: Panglao; Surigao del NorteDetermine the carrying capacity of Panglao and Siargao Islands by identifying and establishing their thresholds and limitations as basis for planning and development towards a more sustainable tourism and ecosystem management.Carrying Capacity Study; Biodiversity Profile; Policy brief