# Title Implementer Cost (Php M) Duration Region Province Objectives Outputs
1 Assessment of Coastal Biodiversity Associated with the Wetland Ecosystems of Las Piñas-Parañaque Wetland Park (LPPWP) and Tanza Marine Tree Park (TMTP) UP-SESAM, Adamson University, DENR NCR 2.00 Apr 2023 - Apr 2024 NCR Las Piñas City, Parañaque City, Navotas City Strengthen protection of wetland ecosystems and the associated biodiversity through science-based policies in LPPWP and TMTP and enhance community engagement.
2 Economic Valuation in the Calculation of Damage Estimates to Coral Reef Ecosystem within Ticao-Burias Pass Protected Seascape (TBPPS) in the Bicol Region DENR Bicol 2.00 Apr 2023 - Sep 2024 Bicol Burias Conduct economic valuation on the calculation of damage estimates to coral reef ecosystems within the Ticao-Burias Pass Protected Seascape. Assessment/ Technical Report consisting of determined ecosystem services provided by the coral reefs and its estimated value; Menu of methodologies in assessing and calculation of the damage to coral reefs; Capacitated PA managers and implementers on coral reef valuation and damage computation; and; Policy recommendation for the damage computation and compensation value of coral reefs in TBPPS.
3 Cave Air Quality Alert System (Cave Air QAS): AeroCave Tool Adoption for Monitoring and Assessment of Cave Air Quality under Intense Climatic Events in a Tropical Setting DENR CALABARZON, UP-SESAM 2.0 Apr 2023 - Oct 2024 CALABARZON Assess and examine the aerology behavior of the Cathedral Cave in Cavinti Laguna using the CaveAir Quality Alert System Operations Manual on AirCave QAS Technology consisting of the objectives, air quality parameters to be measured, benchmark information, installation of the Cave Air QAS, maintenance of the sensors and exportation and valorization of data; Assessment Report consisting of the baseline information that will be generated by the AirCave QAS Technology; At least one article published in a Scopus or WOS.
4 Assessment of Bioinvasion and Proliferation of Exotic Plant Species in Camp John Hay Forest Reserve in Baguio City : A Basis for the Policy Inputs on the Management of Exotic Plants and Promotion and Restoration of Native Plants UP Baguio, PENRO Benguet 2.00 Apr 2023 - Apr 2025 CAR Benguet Determine and assess the composition and diversity of native and exotic plant species in Camp John Hay Forest Reserve as basis for the promotion and restoration of native plants and management of exotic plants in Baguio City. Intensive inventory and assessment report on the potentially invasive introduced species and the native species including the categorization among the exotic species, known IAS, and native species in CJH Forest Reserve; Development of tools (mathematical model & economic valuation method) that will determine and assess the invasive properties of species; Publishable papers in scientific journals.
5 Ecology and Behavior of Philippine Tarsiers in the Mt. Matutum Protected Landscape Tarsier Sanctuary UP Diliman, DENR 2.00 May 2023 - Dec 2024 Central Mindanao South Cotabato (Mount Matutum in Tapi) Describe and understand the ecology and behavior of Philippine Tarsiers within Mt. Matutum Proteted Landscape (MMPL) tarsier sanctuary to provide the MMPL protected are managing with policy recommendations for the management of the tarsier population within the protected area. Baseline information on Philippine tarsiers' ecology and behavior in the landscape, a general assessment of the biodiversity in the area, and trained guides and locals.
6 Production and Decomposition for Quantifying Carbon Input-Between the Reforested and Natural Secondary Forest of Mt. Timolan Protected Landscape in Zamboanga del Sur PENRO Zamboanga del Sur 2.00 Jun 2022 - Jun 2023 Zamboanga Peninsula Mount Timolan Protected Landscape Generate baseline information to estimate the carbon input and carbon stock sequestration potential of the reforested and natural secondary forest of Mt. Timolan Protected Landscape, Zamboanga del Sur. Carbon measurement estimate per lan cover: revegetated (for areas previously basre now covered with vegetation), disturbed (areas previously vegetated) and no change (for areas having no variation in land cover); Land cover map and its changes is vegetated, disturbed and no change areas in MTPL over time (2000-present); Identify tree species with high potential to sequester carbon which will be used in forest rehabilitation in the region; Carbon stock of endemic tree species and their important role in ecosystem.
7 Pilot Implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management Practices in Magat River System using Innovative Science Tools towards Development of Package of Good Practices for Adaption in Cagayan River Basin Isabela State University, DENR Cagay Valley 2.00 Jan 2022 - Dec 2023 Cagayan Valley Isabela Develop new innovative approaches and techniques to enhance effective practice of integrated flood, sediment and water resources management for the Cagayan River Basin. Watershed management; Reservoir sedimentation management; Flood and river morphological change management; Integrated River Basin Management to policy- and decision-making; Project Monitoring and Supervision/ Project Management
8 Breeding and Nest Site Selection of Cavity-nesting Birds at Subic Watershed Forest Reserve, Luzon, Philippines BMB, UP-Diliman 1.42 Mar 2021 - Dec 2023 Central Luzon Zambales Gather baseline information on the habitat preferences and nesting ecology of some of our cavity-nesting birds at the Subic Watershed Forest Reserve (SWFR). Specifically, the study aims to determine nest-site and nest-hole preferences of cavitynesting birds in SWFR, determine possible nest niche overlap, and recommend forest management measures and conservation tools through the conduct of key informant interviews and review of existing policies.