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Not relating to a living organism.


A substance capable of holding materials together by surface attachment.

aesthetic value

Value of appreciating natural landscapes or seascapes and amenities that contribute to the art and a person's spiritual, psychological and physical well-being.


Artificial establishment of forest on lands previously not covered with forest vegetation.

Agrarian Reform Community

A barangay or a cluster of contiguous barangays with a critical mass of farmers or farm workers wherein the main thrust of agrarian development - land tenure improvement and effective delivery of support services - is being implemented.

Synonyms - ARC
agricultural land

Land devoted to agricultural activity as defined in RA 6657 (Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Law of 1988) and not classified as mineral, forest, residential, commercial, or residential land.

agricultural sector

One of the main sectors of the economy that is engaged in the cultivation of soil, planting of crops, growing of fruit trees, raising of livestock, poultry, or fish, including the harvesting and marketing of such farm products, and other farm activities and practices.

agriculture and fisheries modernization

The process of transforming agriculture and fisheries into dynamic technologically-advanced and competitive sectors centered on human
development, and guided by sound practices of sustainability and principles of social justice.

agro-climatic zone

A generally uniform climate with respect to the distribution, temperature, radiation and rainfall or evapotranspiration over the year. Also refers to similar rainfall regime.

Synonyms - ACZ

An area that is broadly characterized by combining agricultural crops with forest crops simultaneously or sequentially over time through the application of management practices that are compatible with the logical climate, topography and slope.


Sustainable management of land, which increases their productivity by properly combining agricultural crops with forest crops simultaneously or sequentially over time through the application of management practices which are compatible with the local climate, topography and slope.

air dried

Lumber or other forest products dried under ambient atmospheric conditions. A condition of dryness of lumber or other wood products that have been dried by exposure to prevailing atmospheric conditions, outdoors or in unheated shed. Also called sun dried.

air shed

Areas with common weather or meteorological condition and sources of air pollution which affect the interchange and diffusion of pollution in the surrounding atmosphere.

alienable and disposable land

Land of the public domain that has been classified and declared as such and is available for disposition.

Synonyms - A&D
allowable cut

Volume of materials, whether of wood or non-wood products, that is authorized to be cut or harvested regularly from forest.