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ancestral domain

Area generally belonging to an indigenous cultural community or indigenous people (ICC/ IP) comprising lands, inland waters, coastal areas occupied or possessed by ICCs/IPs, by themselves or through their ancestors, communally or individually since time immemorial, continuously to the present except when interrupted by war, force majeure, deceit, stealth, as a consequence of government projects or any other voluntary dealings entered into by government and private individuals/corporations, and which are necessary to ensure their economic, social and cultural welfare.

ancestral land

Land, subject to property rights within the ancestral domain already existing or vested upon the effectively of the Indigenous Peoples' Rights Act of 1997, occupied, possessed and utilized by individuals, families, clans, who are members of ICC or IP since time immemorial, by themselves or through their predecessors-in-interest, under a claim of individual or traditional group ownership, continuously to the present except when interrupted by war, force majeure , deceit stealth, or as a consequences of government projects and other voluntary dealings entered into by the government and private individuals/corporations, including, but not limited to, residential lots, rice terraces or paddies, private forests, swidden farms and tree lots.

annual cropland

Land cultivated with crops with a growing cycle of up to one year, which must be newly sown or planted for further production after harvesting.

annual log requirement

Volume of log needed to sustain the operation of a wood processing plant at full or attainable capacity for a period of one year.

Synonyms - ALR
annual plant

Plant species that completes its life cycle within 12 months from the date of germination.

anti-stain chemical

A substance applied to lumber and other wood products in order to prevent chemical or fungus stain discoloration.


A layer of water-bearing rock located underground that transmits water in sufficient quantity to supply pumping wells or natural springs.

Assisted Natural Regeneration

The process of rehabilitating denuded forest lands by taking advantage of trees already growing in the area. This usually involves the following activities: locating and releasing indigenous trees, maintenance, and augmentation planting and protection.

Synonyms - ANR