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coastal area

A band of dry land and adjacent ocean space (water and submerged land) in which terrestrial processes affect oceanic processes and uses and vice versa. Its geographic extent may include areas within a land mark limit of 1 kilometer from the shoreline at high tide to include mangrove swamps, brackish water ponds, nipa swamps, estuarine rivers, sandy beaches and other area within a
seaward limit of 200 meters isobath to include coral reefs, algal flats, sea grass, beds, and other soft bottom areas

cold setting adhesive

An adhesive that sets without the application of heat or that sets at a temperature below 20 degrees Celsius.


The flattening of single cells or rows of cells during the drying or pressure treatment of wood characterized by a cave-in or corrugated appearance.

commercially less accepted species

Timber which are less known or less accepted by end-users especially in commerce or trade both locally and internationally, because they are characterized by incompleteness of information as to species identification, available volume and end-use properties.

Synonyms - lesser known species
communal claim

Claim on land, resources and rights thereon, belonging to the whole community within a defined territory

communal forest

A tract of forest land set aside by the Secretary of the DENR upon the recommendation of the concerned local government unit for the use of the residents of a municipality or city.

Community Resources Management Framework

A strategic plan of the community on how to manage and benefit from the forest resources on sustainable basis. It describes the community's long term visions, aspirations, commitments and strategies for the protection, rehabilitation, development and utilization of forest resources.

Community-Based Forest Management Program

Any forest development program which adopts the CBFM strategy as its core concept.

Synonyms - CBFMP
Community-Based Forest Management Strategy

The strategy to improve the well-being of forest-dependent communities, and at the same time ensure sustainable management, rehabilitation and protection of forest lands and the resources therein, through the active participation of various stakeholders.

Synonyms - CBFMS
Communiy-Based Forest Management Agreement

An agreement entered into by and between the government and the local community, represented by people's organization, as forest managers, which has a term of twenty 25 years renewable for another twenty 25 years.

Synonyms - CBFMA
compression wood

Abnormal wood formed on the lower side of branches and inclined trunks of softwood trees.


In wood seasoning, the exposure of wood to stipulated conditions to attain the desired moisture content and level of stress.

coniferous forest

Forest with predominance (more than 75 percent of tree crown cover) of trees of coniferous species.

coniferous wood

All woods derived from trees classified botanically as Gymnospermae.


Protection of plant and animal habitat including the management of renewable natural resource with the objective of sustaining its productivity in perpetuity while providing for human use compatible with sustainability of the resources.