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Liquid waste flowing out of a factory, farm, commercial establishment, or a household into a water body such as river, lake, or lagoon, or sewer system or reservoir.

elongation ratio

The ratio between the diameter of a circle with the same area as the watershed and the maximum length of watershed (which is the distance from the outlet to the farthest point in the watershed.) As ratio approaches the value of 1, the shape becomes elongated.


Any air contaminant, pollutant or gas stream from a known source that is passed into the atmosphere.


The act or action of using forest land contrary to the provisions provided for in forestry laws and regulations with regard to forest land uses.

endangered species

Species or subspecies that is not critically endangered but whose survival in the wild is unlikely if the casual factors continue operating. Species with small populations that could be threatened if the environment worsens.

endemic species

Species or subspecies of flora and fauna which are naturally occurring and found within specific areas in the country.

enrichment planting

The introduction of valuable species in forest areas, where economical species are lacking.

Environmental Compliance Certificate

A document issued by the DENR-EMB after positive review of an ECC application, certifying that based on the representations of the proponent, the proposed project or undertaking will not cause significant negative environmental impact. The ECC also certifies that the proponent has complied with all the requirements of the EIS System and has committed to implement its approved environmental management plan. The ECC contains specific measures and conditions that the project proponent has to undertake before and during the project's abandonment phase to mitigate identified environmental impacts.

Synonyms - ECC
Environmental Impact Assessment

The process that involves evaluating and predicting likely impacts of project (including cumulative impacts) on the environment during construction, commissioning, operation and abandonment. It also includes designing appropriate preventive, mitigating and enhancement measures addressing these consequences to protect the environment and the community's welfare. The process is undertaken by, among others, the project proponent or EIA consultant, EMB, a review committee, and affected communities.

Synonyms - EIA
Environmental Impact Statement

A document prepared and submitted by the project proponent or environmental impact assessment consultant that serves as an application for an environmental compliance certificate. It is a comprehensive study of the significant impacts of a project on the environmental management plan. It includes an environmental management plan/program that the proponent will fund and implement to protect the environment.

Synonyms - EIS
environmentally critical area

Area delineated as environmentally sensitive such that significant environmental impact are expected if certain type of proposed projects or programs are located, developed or implement in it.

environmentally critical project

Project or program that has high potential for significant negative environmental impact.

equilibrium moisture content

The moisture content at which wood neither gains nor less moisture to the surrounding air.


Equal opportunity to resource utilization and sharing of benefits derived there from.

evenaged forest

Stand of trees in which there are only small differences in age among individual trees.

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