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A woody vegetation resulting from the clearing of natural forest for shifting agriculture. It is an intermediate class between forest and non-forest land uses. Part of the area which is not under cultivation may have the appearance of a secondary forest.

fast growing species

A tree species that grows relatively faster than common forest trees and whose rotation age is 4 to 20 years with a mean annual increment of at 10 cubic meter per hectare under favorable site conditions.


All species of animals found in a given area.

fiber saturation point

The moisture content at which the cell walls are saturated with water (bound water) and no water is held in the cell cavities (free water) by capillary forces.


A generic term for sheet materials of widely varying densities manufactured of refined or partially refined wood or lignocellulosic fiber with the primary bond derived from the interfelting of fibers.


The pattern produced in wood surface by annual growth rings, rays, knots, deviations from regular grain such as interlocked and wavy grain, and irregular coloration


An additive used with adhesives to modify bonding characteristics of a resin mix.

finished market product

A lumber product in relatively finished from, with little or no further processing anticipated.

fire retardant

A chemical or preparation of chemicals used to reduce flammability or to retard spread of fire over the surface.


Wood intended for use as fuel.

Synonyms - fuelwood

Small wood particle of predetermined or uniformed thickness produced by cutting across the direction of the grain.


A portion of a log sawed on two or more sides and intended for remanufacture into lumber and sliced or sawed veneer.


All species of plants found in a given area, including ferns, lycopods and mosses.


Coarse grasses such as maize and sorghum, shrubs, trees, harvested with the seed and leaves green or live, cured and used as feed for livestock or game animals and ruminants.


Browse and herbage that is available either naturally or produced seasonally or annually on a given area or range that can provide food for gazing animals or be harvested for feeding.