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forest land Synonyms - timberland
Forest Land Grazing Lease Agreement

A long-term privilege granted by the state to a person to occupy and possess in consideration of a specified rentals and regulation, any forest land of the public domain found suited for grazing purposes, in order to undertake any authorized activity.

Forest Land Grazing Management Agreement

A production sharing agreement between a qualified person, association or corporation and the government to develop, manage and utilize grazing lands.

forest management

The process of planning and implementing practices for stewardship and use of forest land aimed at fulfilling relevant ecological, economic, and social function of the forest in a sustainable manner.

forest management unit

A clearly defined forest area, managed under a set of objectives and according to a long-term management plan.

forest occupant

A person actually and directly occupying or cultivating forest land including civil, military and other forest reservations.

forest productivity

The rate at which biomass is produced per unit area by any class of organisms or the relative capacity of an area to sustain a supply of goods or services in the long run.

forest products

Goods and services derived from the forest such as but not limited to timber, lumber, veneer, plywood, fiberboard, pulpwood, firewood, bark, tree top, resin gum, wood oil, honey, beeswax, nipa, rattan or other forest growth such as grass, shrub and flowering plant, the associated water, fish, game, scenic, historical, and educational.

forest regulation

The technical aspect of controlling stock, harvest growth, and yields to meet a certain management objective.

forest reservation

Forest land which has been reserved by the President of the Philippines for any specific purpose or purposes.

forest reserve

Land of the public domain which has been a subject of the present system of classification and declared to be needed for forest purposes.

Synonyms - permanent forest
forest resources

Includes soil and all elements found on it, above and below the ground in an area classified as forest land.

forest resources management

The application of integrated and sustainable development, regulation, production and conservation strategies for each of the different forest resources.

forest restoration

A management strategy applied in degraded primary forest to enhance and accelerate natural processes of forest regeneration in order to regain the elastic capacity of the forest ecosystem.

forest services

Services that forests provide (economic and ecological) to people, plants and animals. Key services and biodiversity, ecotourism, forest carbon, and watershed protection.