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forest type

A community with generally similar species composition, structure and function.

forested wetlands

Forested wetland growing along tidal mudflats and along shallow water coastal areas extending inland along rivers, streams and their tributaries where the water is generally brackish and composed mainly of Rhizopora, Bruguiera, Ceriops, Avicenia, Aegicera spp.


The profession embracing the science, art and practice of creating, managing, using and conserving forests and associated resources for human benefit in a sustainable manner to meet desired goals, needs and values.

Free and Prior Informed Consent

The consensus of all members of the ICCs or IPs to be determined in accordance with their respective customary laws and practices, free from any external manipulation, interference and coercion, and obtained after fully disclosing the intent and scope of the activity, in a language and process understandable to the community

Synonyms - FPIC

Wood used as fuel for purposes of cooking, heating or power production.