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game refuge

A forest land designated for the protection of game animals, birds and fish, and closed to hunting and fishing in order that the excess population may flow and restock surrounding areas.


The space occurring in a forest community due to individual or group tree mortality or blow down.

genetic material

Any material of plant, animal, microbe or other origin containing functional units of heredity.

genetic resource

Genetic material with actual or potential value.

Genetically Modified Organism

(1) Any living organism that possesses a novel combination of genetic material through the use of modern biotechnology.

Synonyms - GMO,Genetically Engineered Organism
Geographic Information System

An integrated system of hardware, software, personnel and procedures for the capture, storage, analysis, manipulation and display of graphically referenced data for decision making.

Synonyms - GIS
glue line

A layer of adhesive that attaches two veneers or laminates together.

glue spread

A mass of adhesive mix applied per unit area of veneer or laminates, usually expressed in grams per square meter.


A wooden member formed by gluing a set of boards or planks so that the grain of all laminations is essentially parallel to the length of the member. Also known as glued-laminated wood.


The quality designation of logs or lumber.


The direction, size, arrangement, appearance, or quality of the fibers in lumber or other wood products.


A member of the family Poaceae graminae.


Areas predominantly vegetated with grasses such as Imperata, Themada, Saccharum spp., among others.

grazing land

Portion of the public domain which has been set aside, in view of its topography and vegetation, for the raising of livestock.

green wood

Freshly sawed wood or wood of high moisture content.