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A place or environment where a species or subspecies naturally establishes its population.

habitat loss

The permanent conversion of the habitat to an area where the original species can no longer exist.

habitat management zone

A portion of the protected area which has significant habitat and species values where management practices are required periodically to maintain specific non-climax habitat types or conditions required by rare, threatened or endangered species. Examples would be forest openings for the tamaraw or brushy forest for the Philippine tarsier. Human habitation and sustainable use may be allowed if they play a habitat management role.


A generic term for panel products manufactured primarily from interfelted ligno-cellulosic fibers (usually wood), consolidated under heat and pressure in a hot press to a density of 800 kilogram per cubic meter of greater, and to which other materials may have added during manufacture to improved certain properties.


A substance or mixture of substances added to an adhesive to promote or control the curing reaction by taking part in it.


Resistance of wood to indentation.


Botanical group that refers to trees that have vessels or pores, broad leaves and with seeds borne in ovaries.


The upper reaches of a stream or river.

healthy residual

A sound or slightly injured tree of the commercial species left after logging.


The wood extending from the pith to the sapwood, the cells of which no longer participate in the life processes of the tree.


A cellulose-like material that is easily decomposable by dilute acid, yielding several different simple sugars.


Checks, often not visible at the surface, that occur at the interior of a piece of wood, usually along the wood rays.

hot melt adhesive

A thermoplastic adhesive that is applied in a molten state and forms a bond on cooling to a solid state.


Killing or catching of wild fauna for food and recreational purposes, with the use of weapons such as guns, bow and arrow, spears, traps and snares, and the like.