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Integrated Social Forestry

The national program provided for by Letter of Instructions (LOI) No. 1260 designated to maximize land productivity and enhance ecological stability, and to improve the socio-economic conditions of forest occupants and communities.

Synonyms - ISF
Integrated Watershed Management (WEM Approach)

The development and management of forest and forestlands including the coastal forest in a holistic, scientific, right-based, technology-based, community-based and collaborative manner for the highest and widest public benefit and based on the inherent productive capacity and sustainable use of these resources for the present and future generations.


The deposition of rainfall on vegetation as through fall or stem flow, or evaporated/sublimated to the atmosphere, or absorbed by the vegetation.

interior plywood

Plywood designed for indoor applications usually bonded with urea formaldehyde resin.

intermediate tree

A tree whose crown cover extends into the lower portion of the main canopy of even-aged stands or, in uneven-aged stands into the lower portion of the canopy formed by the tree's immediate neighbors but shorter in height than the co-dominant and receiving little direct light from above and no direct light from the side.

invasive alien species

Species introduced deliberately or unintentionally outside their natural habitats where they have the ability to establish themselves, invade, outcompete native species, and take over the new environment.

irrigation water

Portion of a runoff that is being used in irrigation. The intentional application of water to the soil usually for the purpose of crop production.