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laminated veneer lumber

A structural lumber manufactured by veneers laminated into a panel with the grain of all veneer running parallel to each other.

land capability classification

A measure of the physical capacity of a location to support a specific land use. This capacity may be due to natural or man-made characteristics.

land classification

A system for determining land of the public domain into forest land, mineral land, national parks, and agricultural land based on the 1987 Constitution. In current practice, land of the public domain are classified into either forest land and alienable & disposable land.

land cover

Refers to the observed physical and biological cover of the Earth's surface and includes natural vegetation, abiotic (non-living) surfaces and inland water bodies such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

land evaluation

A process whereby the potential of land for the particular use is estimated. It may be categorized as qualitative, quantitative, or economic evaluation.

land management unit

A recurring pattern of land, soil types associated with relatively uniform land use, vegetation and parent materials. It serves as basis for the integration of field and resource information and suitability rating for different crops and land uses.

land mapping unit

A subdivision of agro-climate zone mostly homogenous with regard to slope, slope length, and soil characteristics.

land reclassification

The process of allocating the desired alienable and disposable land of the public domain to specific uses such as agriculture, residential, industrial, or commercial.

land suitability

The applicability of a given type of land for a specific kind of land use.

land tenure

The arrangement of right that allows a person or a community to use specific pieces of land and associated resources (e.g. water, trees, etc) in a certain period of time and for a particular purpose.

land type

A recognizable and definable landscape (i.e., combination of land forms, topography and vegetation) possessing a particular climate, and usually characterized by one type of soil or parent material and a type of land use practiced over a long period.

land unit

An area of land defined in terms of land qualities and characteristics that may be demarcated on a map. A hierarchy of land units might consist of land provinces, land systems, land forms and terrain units.

land use

The manner of utilizing the land, including its allocation, development and management.

land use allocation

The classification procedure that signifies the degree of suitability of a particular land unit.

land use classification

The process of delineating or allocating lands according to protection, production, settlements, and infrastructure.