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land use conversion

The process of changing the current use of a piece of land into other uses.

land use plan

A document containing a set of policies embodying the desired pattern of population distribution, allocation of plan to various land use activities, and the social economic activities of the people.

land use suitability assessment

The determination of particular location for a specific land use.


A heterogeneous land area distinguished by differences in land forms, vegetation, land use, cultural features, and aesthetic characteristics within a geographical region.


A privilege granted by the state to a person to occupy and possess, in consideration of a specified rental, any forest land of the public domain in order to undertake any authorized activity therein.

license agreement

A privilege granted by the state to a person to utilize forest resources within any forest land with the right possession and occupation thereof to the exclusion of others, except the government, but with the corresponding obligation to develop and protect.


The thin cementing layer between wood cells.


Any section of the bole, a large branch, or a felled tree after cross cutting with at least 15 centimeters in diameter and 1.5 meters in length.


Removal, extraction, or cutting of timber from natural or plantation forest for human consumption.

Synonyms - timber harvesting

The product of the saw and planing mill. Not further manufactured other than sawing, resawing and passing lengthwise through standard planing machine, crosscutting to length, and matching.