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managed forest

A forest under a deliberate system of protection, rehabilitation and development which may include utilization of resources, to ensure the sustainable production of desired products and services and the conservation of soil, water, wildlife and other resources therein.

mangrove forest

Forested wetland growing along tidal mudflats and along shallow water coastal areas extending inland along rivers, streams and their tributaries where the water is generally brackish and composed mainly of Rhizopora, Bruguiera, Ceriops, Avicenia, and Aegicera spp.

Manila copal

Resinous exudates obtained from almaciga (Agathis philippinensis).

Synonyms - almaciga resin
Manila elemi

Resinous exudates obtained from Canarium spp.

manufactured timber

All timber other than round and squared timber and includes logs longitudinally sawn into pieces even if only to facilitate transportation and hauling.

marine park

Any off-shore area inhabited by rare, unique species of marine flora and fauna proclaimed as such by the President of the Philippines.

marking goal

The number of trees marked before timber harvesting to be left for residual stock.


A natural area usually dominated by grass-like plants such as cattails and sedges that are rooted in bottom sediments but emerge above the surface of the water. It contains emergence vegetation and usually develop in zones progressing from terrestrial habitat to open water.


A group of generally low density species principally used for pulp, fiberboard, particleboard, splints, toothpicks, and popsicle sticks.

medium closed broadleaved plantation forest

Forest plantation where the crown cover is at least 40% of the area and less than 70%.

medium-density fiberboard

A panel product manufactured to a density of 500 kg per cubic meter but not exceeding 800 kg per cubic meter from lingo-cellulosic fibers combined with a synthetic resin or other suitable binder.

merchant-able height

The height above ground or above stump height to the first major branch or higher which is saleable for a particular product.


A planed or patterned lumber for finish work in buildings, including items such as sash, doors, cornices, panel work, and other items of interior or exterior trim. Does not include flooring, ceiling, or siding.

mine remediation

Re-vegetation of mined out areas.

mine waste and tailings

Soil and rock materials from surface or underground mining and milling operations with no economic value to the generator of the same.