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mineral agreement

A contract between the government and a contractor, involving mineral production sharing agreement, co-production agreement, or joint venture agreement.

mineral exploration

The act of searching or prospecting for mineral resources, as defines by law, by geological, geochemical or geophysical surveys, remote sensing, test pitting, trenching, drilling, shaft sinking, tunneling, or any other means, for the purpose of determining the existence, extent, quantity, and quality of resources in an area, and the feasibility of utilizing these resources for profit.

mineral land

Any area where mineral resources are found.

mineral processing

The milling, beneficiation or upgrading of ores or minerals and rocks or by similar means to convert the same into marketable products.

mineral reservation

Areas established and proclaimed as such by the President of the Philippines upon the recommendation of the Director through the Secretary of DENR including submerged land within the contiguous zone exclusive economic zone.

mineral resource

Any concentration of minerals or rocks with potential economic value.

mineral resources development

Work undertaken to explore and prepare an ore body or a mineral deposit for mining, including the construction of necessary
infrastructure and related facilities.

mineral utilization

Extraction or disposition of minerals.


All naturally occurring inorganic substance in solid, gas, liquid, or any intermediate state excluding energy materials such as coal, petroleum, natural gas, radioactive materials, and geothermal energy.

mini sawmill

A sawmill consisting of a single headrig with a flywheel diameter not exceeding 106 cm. (42 inches), a bandsaw blade with thickness not exceeding 3 mm. And width of not more than 127 mm (5 inches), with or without a carriage, and a daily rated capacity of not more than 18 cu.m or 8,000 log carriage or its equivalent, the carriage shall have a gross length of not more than 3.2 m (10.5 ft).

mining area

Portion of the contract area identified by the contractor for purposes of development, mining utilization and sites for support facilities or in the immediate vicinity of the mining operations.

mining contract area

Land or body of water delineated for purposes of exploration, development, or utilization of the minerals found therein.

mining operation

Mining activities involving exploration, feasibility, development, utilization, and processing.

minor forest products

Forest usufructs obtained from fruits, flowers, leaves, twigs, bark, root and wood of plants (except timber) and other products from animal and mineral origins.

mixed forest

Forest in which none of the species groups such as conifer, broad-leaved, bamboo and palm account for more than 75%of the tree cover.