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model forest

An approach that helps various stakeholders recognize the impact of their activities on the land base and develop a shared understanding of sustainable forest management.

modulus of elasticity

A measure of the stiffness of wood or lumber. The ratio of the stress to the strain below the proportional limit.

modulus of rupture

A measure of strength of wood or lumber in tension and compression.

moisture content

The amount of water contained in wood expressed as a percentage of the weight of oven dry wood.

moisture meter

An instrument used to measure the amount of water in wood.

mossy forest

Forest stand found principally on high elevations and very rough mountainous regions characterized by steep ridges. The trees are mostly dwarf with stem and branches usually covered by epiphytes (moss) and dominated by Podocarpaceae, Myrtaceae, and Fagaceae.


A wood strip having a curved or projecting surface, used for decorative purposes.

multiple use

The harmonized utilization of land, soil, water , wildlife, recreation value, grass and timber of forest lands.

multiple-use zone

Area where settlement, traditional and sustainable land use including agriculture, agroforestry, extraction activities, and income generating or livelihood activities, and may be allowed to the extent prescribed in the protected area management plan

multiple-use zones

A portion of the protected areas where settlement, traditional or sustainable land use , including agriculture, agroforestry, extraction activities and other income generating or livelihood activities, may be allowed as prescribed in the management plan.