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National Integrated Protected Areas System

The classification and administration of all designated protected areas to maintain essential ecological processes and life-support systems, to preserve genetic diversity, to ensure sustainable use of resources found therein, and to maintain their natural conditions to the greatest extent possible.

Synonyms - NIPAS
national park

(1) Land of the public domain classified as such in the Philippine Constitution that includes all areas under the NIPAS, primarily designated for the conservation of native plants and animals, their associated habitats and cultural diversity.

native species

Species that is normally found as part of a particular ecosystem.

native title

Pre-conquest rights to lands and domains which, as far back as memory reaches, have been held under a claim of private ownership by ICCs or IPs, have never been public lands and are thus indisputably presumed to have been held that way since before the Spanish Conquest.

natural biotic area

An area set aside to allow the way of life of societies living in harmony with the environment to adapt to modern technology at their pace.

natural forest

Forest composed of indigenous trees, not planted by man.

natural monument

A relatively small area focused on the protection of small features to protect or preserve nationally significant natural features on account of their special interest or unique characteristics.

natural other land

Land not classified as forest or other wooded land undisturbed by man.

natural park

A relatively large area not materially altered by human activity where extractive resources uses not allowed and is maintained to protect outstanding natural and scenic areas of national or international significance for scientific, educational, recreational use.

natural regeneration

The establishment of a plant or a plant age class from natural seeding, sprouting, suckering or layering.

net absorption

The amount of preservative retained in wood immediately after completion of treating operation.

net assets

The property, plant and equipment as reflected in the audited financial statement of the contractor net of depreciation, as computed for tax purposes, excluding appraisal increase and construction in progress.

net consumptive use

The consumptive use decreased by the estimated contribution by rainfall toward the production of irrigated crops. Net consumptive use is sometimes called crop irrigation requirement.

nipa shingle

Roofing materials made from the fronds of nipa palm (Nypa fruticans).

noise abatement

The capacity of urban forest to reduce ambient noise level in urban environment.