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Official Development Assistance

An Official Development Assistance (ODA) refers to foreign-aid coming from official sources (such as government agencies and instrumentalities) and primarily intended to promote the economic and social development of recipient countries.

Synonyms - ODA

The water, sea bottom, and subsurface from the shore or coastline reckoned from the mean low tide level up to the two hundred nautical
miles exclusive economic zone including the archipelagic sea and contiguous zone.

old growth forest

A primary natural forest, sometimes referred to as virgin forest, never been modified of which the composition, structure and function has not been altered. Areas that are identified initial components of the National Protected Areas System of 1992.


Essential oil that occurs in or exudes from many plants, especially softwoods.


The landward side from the mean tide elevation, including submerged lands in lakes, rivers and creeks.

open broadleaved plantation forest

Forest plantation where the crown cover is between 10% to 40% of the area.

open forest

Forest formations with discontinuous tree layer but with a coverage of at least 10 percent and less than 40 percent. They are either managed or unmanaged forests, in initial state of succession. Generally, there is a continuous grass layer allowing grazing and spreading of fires.


A naturally occurring substance or material from which a mineral or element can be mined or processed for profit.

oriented strandboard

A structural board in which layers of narrow wafers are layered alternately at right angles in order to give the board greater elastomechanical properties.

other land

Land with tree cover, less than 5%. It includes agricultural land, pastures, built-up areas, bare areas, grassland, etc.

other land with tree cover

The land primarily not under forest having more than 0.5 hectare with a canopy cover of more than 10% of trees at maturity. It includes urban parks and gardens.

other wooded land

Lands either with a crown cover (or equivalent stocking level) of 5-10% of trees able to reach a height of 5 meters at maturity; or a crown cover (or equivalent stocking level) of more than 10% not able to reach a height of 5 meters at maturity (e.g. dwarfed or stunted trees); or with shrubs or bush cover of more than 10%.

ovendry wood

Wood dried to a relatively constant weight in a ventilated cover at 102 to 105 degrees Celsius.

overtopped tree

A tree whose crown is entirely below the general level of the crown cover receiving no direct light either from above or from the sides.

Synonyms - suppressed