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A low wood platform on which material can be stacked to facilitate mechanical handling, moving, and storage.


A homogeneous sheet of felted cellulose fibers bound together by interweaving and through the use of bonding agents, and made in a variety of types.


A thick, heavy-weight, rigid, single, or multi-ply type of paper traditionally made on multi-cylinder paper machine with and without dual head boxes or multi-former arrangements.


Matched small pieces of wood usually laid in geometrical patterns; using woods of various colors sometimes for enhancing.

particle board

A generic term for board material manufactured from wood particles or other lignocellulosic materials and a synthetic resin consolidated under heat and pressure.

pasture land

A grazing land planted to improved grasses, forage, and fodder for animal consumption.

people's organization

A group of people, which may be an association, cooperative, federation, or other legal entity, established by the community to undertake collective action to address community concerns and need, and mutually share the benefits from the endeavor.

perennial cropland

Land cultivated with long term crops that do not have to replanted for several years after each harvest. Harvesting components are not timber but fruits, latex and other products that do not significantly harm the growth of the planted trees or shrubs.

permanent forest estate

Land, whether public or private, secured by law and kept under permanent forest cover. Includes land for the production of timber and other forest products, for the protection of soil and water, and for the conservation of biological diversity, as well as land intended to fulfill a combination of those functions.


A short-term privilege or authority granted by the State to a person to utilize any limited forest resources or undertake a limited activity within any forestland without any right of occupation and possession therein.


A synthetic adhesive used in the manufacture of exterior plywood (Type 1).


The tissues of the inner bark, characterized by the presence of sieve tubes and serving for the transport of food nutrients.

phreatic divide

An underground divide that fixes the boundary of an area that contributes ground water to each stream system.


A long, heavy timber, round or square, that is driven deep into the ground to provide a secure foundation for structures built on soft, wet or submerged sites.

pine forest

Forest stand composed primarily of native pine species, e.g., Pinus kesiya and the Pinus merkusii.