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pioneer species

Plants capable of invading bare sites (e.g. newly exposed soil) and persisting there or colonizing them until supplanted by successional species.


A term applied to the resins occurring in the wood of certain conifers.


The small, soft core occurring near the center of a tree trunk, branch, twig or log.


Lumber that has been sawed parallel to the pith and approximately tangent to the growth rings.

plantation forest

Forest stands established by planting or seeding in the process of afforestation or reforestation.


A board having a core of blocks, each not exceeding 2.54 centimeters in width, connected or glued face to face to form a slab which is glued between two or more outer plies with the direction of the grain of the core block running at right angle to that of the adjacent veneers.


A panel consisting of an assembly of veneer sheets bonded together with the direction of the grain in alternate plies generally at right angles.


Gathering, collecting, or possessing products or natural resources from the protected area by any individual person, corporation or entity whether local or foreign; in the case of marine protected areas, operating any foreign fishing vessels by any person, corporation , or entity without a permit.


A round timber often to support power or telephone lines.


Cross-section of vessel elements.

porous woods

Hardwoods having vessels or pores large enough to be seen readily without magnification.

premium species

A group of trees species utilized for special purposes that demand either high quality, durability, beauty or strength.

private land

Any land belonging to any private person or group of person or juridical entity by virtue of statutory or customary laws.

processing plant

Any mechanical set-up, device, machine or combination of machines used for the conversion of logs and other forest raw materials into lumber, fiberboard, pulp, paper or other finished wood products.


A living organism that is capable of manufacturing its own food by the process of photosynthesis.